The Williams Group
1845 Monroe Street, NE
Washington, D.C. 20018

The Williams Group is a public policy consulting firm specializing in government relations, public affairs, and corporate business development services. We offer a wide range of expertise, experience, and relationships with government officials that allows for excellent positioning of client interests. Our firm specializes in the development and implementation of bipartisan lobbying and advocacy strategies relating to tax, trade, telecommunications, appropriations, and energy and natural resource issues.

Specifically, our long history of working on issues relating to the most important congressional committees, including the Senate Banking Committee, House Financial Services Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, House Ways and Means Committee, House Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Senate Commerce Committee.  This expertise has given our clients a unique advantage on legislative and political strategy. We have strong working relationships with Members and staff of these committees and others, as well as the leadership in both the Senate and House of Representatives that help ensure our clients’ needs are met. We also have extensive experience and contacts with the staff of the federal agencies that cover the issues areas listed above. Our ability to guide client interests across a range of committees and agencies has been a hallmark our success.

Our services can be packaged to suit the needs of the client and can include options ranging from traditional lobbying to strategic communications, grassroots outreach, coalition and campaign coordination and business development. We can also provide assistance with mergers and acquisitions requiring government approval.